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Back up your folders with OneDrive – Microsoft Support – Access your PC files without your PC

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While testing FBackup, we found that it downloaded quickly but took a bit longer than usual to install. It can also be installed on Windows Server , , , , and HDClone Free Edition can back up an entire disk or a select partition, to an image file. Using the Setup for Windows download will let the program run inside Windows. You’re also able to back up one disk or partition to another, but it will overwrite the data on the destination drive.

Some features, like choosing a compression level and encrypting a backup, appear to be supported but are unfortunately only available in the paid version. With Macrium Reflect, partitions can be backed up to an image file or copied directly to another drive. This file can be saved to a local drive, network share, external drive, or burned directly to a disc. You can even add more than one backup location to build a fail-safe in the event that a destination becomes invalid.

You can schedule a full backup on a schedule so every day, week, month, or year, a backup will be made of any drive, including the one with Windows installed. A backup job can also be scheduled to run at startup or log on. To restore a backed up image to a drive with Windows installed, you must use the Macrium Reflect program to build a Windows or Linux rescue disc, both of which can restore an MRIMG file.

You can also mount the backup as a virtual drive that mimics a local one, allowing you to browse through the backed up files and folders and copy out anything you want. The program should work on all versions of Windows. We tested it in Windows 10 and Windows 8. Determine if you are running a bit or bit version of Windows to know which option you should choose on the download page. Make sure to select one of the blue download links since the red ones are for the paid editions.

A backup image can be built into one file or separated into chunks for easier placement on media like CDs and DVDs. You have the option to back up a drive’s used data or the used and unused portions of the disk. Restoring a backup is really easy with ODIN because you just select the disk that should be restored and then load the backup file.

Freebyte Backup can back up multiple folders at a time to any local, external, or network drive. A backup can’t be compressed or encrypted with this program. Scheduling isn’t built-in either, but you can make a few changes to how the program launches as well as use an external scheduling program to make it work.

You can filter a backup job so that files with particular extensions get copied, leaving out all the rest. There’s also an option to only back up files that have been modified after a particular date and time, as well as a toggle to turn on incremental backups. Freebyte Backup is said to work only with Windows Vista, XP, and older versions of Windows, but we tested it in Windows 10 and 8 without any issues.

Freebyte Backup downloads as a ZIP file. Inside is the portable version FBBackup. CloneZilla Live is a bootable disc that can back up an entire hard drive to either an image file or another disk.

This program is text-based, so you won’t find regular menu options or buttons. You can compress a backup image, split it into custom sizes, and even check a hard drive for errors using a free hard drive testing tool before creating an image. Restoring a backup with CloneZilla Live involves taking the regular backup process steps but doing so in reverse. It sounds confusing, but following the on-screen instructions makes it pretty easy.

Karen’s Replicator is easy to use, simple folder backup utility that supports a local, external, or network drive as a backup destination. Data is backed up using a regular copy method without encryption or password options, which means you can browse through a backup like you would any other folder in Explorer. Options let you exclude subfolders from a backup, filter out certain files by their extension, avoid backing up particular directories, and schedule backup jobs.

You can also decide whether or not Karen’s Replicator should delete files from a backup if they’re removed from the source folder. The interface of Karen’s Replicator is a bit outdated but it didn’t interfere with backups or our ability to find settings. Personal Backup can back up data to a folder on an external or local drive, FTP site, or network share.

When selecting the files to be backed up, Personal Backup only allows single files to be added at a time. You can keep adding more, but only one can actually be chosen at a time, which can slow down the process of creating a backup job.

You can , however, select whole folders, and context menu integration is supported. A backup can be built as an archive for each and every file, creating many ZIP files, or as a single archive which contains all the data. Options are available for encryption, compression, and file types that should be excluded from compression.

Personal Backup allows a total of 16 backup jobs to be created, each of which can have their own scheduling options and incremental or differential backup type. To use Personal Backup, you must download the proper bit or bit version that matches your version of Windows.

We find Personal Backup to be very cluttered, making it hard to find what you’re looking for because nearly all the settings are simply thrown into the program interface with seemingly no organization.

However, it does update a lot, which is a good sign that it’s constantly trying to improve. The bit version runs on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7, as well as Windows Server R2, , , and Windows Vista and XP users can install the bit version.

Incremental backups are also supported. Settings are available to compress a backup and manage how much splitting, if any, should be done to cut the backup into smaller pieces. Restoring data is as easy as selecting the backup image and choosing the drive to restore it to. Also, the setup file is over MB, so it could take some time to finish downloading. Take note that you need to register for a free user account on their website before you can fully use the program.

That, or log in via another account when you first open the program, like your Google account. There is no restore function, and everything that’s on the destination disk is wiped clean before XXCLONE beings backing up the source drive’s files. You’re able to adjust the speed of the backup as well as make the destination drive bootable. We tested this program in Windows 10, 8 and 7, but it should also work for Windows 11, Vista, and XP.

PING is a program that runs straight off bootable media like a disc. It lets you back up one or more partitions to a file. There isn’t a graphical interface when using PING, so you must be somewhat comfortable with a text-only navigation screen to use this program.

You have the option to back up partitions to a local or external drive as well as to a network share or FTP server. When selecting the correct source and destination drive for a backup or restore, it’s actually a bit difficult to determine which drive is which. PING does not show you the name of the drive or the size, but instead just the first few files that are located on the disk. This is only slightly helpful when determining the right disk to select.

You can compress a backup and optionally set it up for incremental backups in the future, both of which are options you’re asked before starting a backup. When restoring a backup with PING, you’re required to know the exact path of the backed up files.

You’re unable to “browse” for the files like you can when an operating system is loaded, so you must know the exact path to the files to successfully restore them. After logging in on the download page, choose the stand-alone ISO link. This program, nor backing up in general, has anything to do with the more commonly known computer term ping , as in the ping command. Areca Backup makes it simple to add new files to a backup job by supporting drag and drop.

You can save a backup to any internal drive, FTP site, or network folder. Backing up to external hardware is not supported. We’ve ranked Areca Backup this low on the list because it isn’t as easy to use as most of the other programs you see here. Visit the Areca official website for tutorials and manuals.

We were able to get this program to work with Windows 10, 7, and XP, but it may also work in other versions of Windows. CopyWipe is a backup program that can run outside of Windows on a disc or from within Windows like a regular program, though both options are text-only, non-GUI versions.

It backs up entire hard drives to other hard drives, supporting both internal and external devices like flash drives. You can copy hard drives even if they’re different sizes by choosing to scale drives or do a raw copy so that everything is copied, both used and unused space.

You must confirm a copy before starting, which is a good thing, but CopyWipe doesn’t provide any identifiable details to differentiate between the drives, which means you must use Disk Management to know which one is Hard Drive 0 , Hard Drive 1 , etc.

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It is extremely easy to set up. You do not have to connect any equipment to the computer itself, or even remember that you have a backup. It is all automatic. And when you accidentally delete a file, or when your computer crashes, you will be able to recover efficiently and completely — and will thank yourself for taking the right precautions well in advance.

Buy Now. Why FullBack? It has a free 30 day trial, too. Turn the backup on. It will appear below. Once you have the file, just hit restore — and it will appear exactly where it was, up to date! My computer crashed. How do I restore everything from the backup, onto another computer? Microsoft Get 1TB of storage, plus the full suite of Office apps Microsoft gives you full access to all the apps and 1TB of OneDrive storage to protect your files and sync them across devices.

Mauro Huculak. Topics Windows 10 Help. Windows 10 May Update. See all comments 6. It never got taken away. If I already have my Documents, Photos, Downloads, etc. If your version doesn’t have the settings app with the account banner, it wont have Back up files. It’s not a backup. If you get a virus or delete a file accidentally then it deletes on OneDrive too.

I know as I has some corrupt files on a hard drive and it copied the corruption into the cloud. Yes, but you can use file history to restore to previous versions of the corrupt files.


How to Backup Windows 10 System to OneDrive in 3 Ways?.


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OneDrive PC Folder Backup | Secure Cloud Backup and Sync.3 Free Ways to Backup PC Data to OneDrive in Windows 10, 8, 7


You can make the choice according to your needs. Wait for it to complete. During sync, you can also click the gear icon at bottom left to set up the computer to Shut down, Restart, Hibernate or Sleep after sync completion. Advanced sync modes – if you want to automatically sync newly changed or added files to OneDrive without a schedule, you can upgrade to Professional edition to enjoy the Real-Time Sync feature.

Also in advanced editions, you can use Mirror Sync to keep the files in target directory exactly the same as in source directory, or use Two-Way Sync to sync any changes between the source and the destination mutually. Filter – in Pro or higher editions, you can include or exclude the files with certain formats to sync. Just click on the funel icon beside the source box. Note – the source folder and the target folder cannot have a containment relationship.

How to backup PC to OneDrive? There are several ways you can try in Windows computers, like the desktop app or OneDrive website. Both of them are convenient.

In addition to file backup and sync, you can also use the clone feature to migrate data from HDD to SSD , or clone old computer to a new one. Is it good to backup PC to OneDrive? Then, how about OneDrive among all these cloud services? Using OneDrive to backup PC files, you can enjoy following benefits: Just like other cloud drives, OneDrive is cheaper than physical hard drive, and also more convenient. OneDrive offers you 5 GB free space as long as you have a Microsoft account.

How to setup OneDrive desktop app for backup and sync: 1. Sign in with your Microsoft account. Also, when we travel somewhere, we can still access those files from different devices whenever we want.

So, cloud drives come into being! Cloud drives are online virtual storage devices that allow users to save data. Cloud drive has already been popular since several years ago. OneDrive is the cloud storage provided by Microsoft cooperation.

OneDrive is one of the three most popular cloud drive brands with the other two are Google Drive and Dropbox. OneDrive is more than a cloud drive since it also offers an app to help you automatically back up your local files to your OneDrive. Also, you can sync the files on your OneDrive to the local storage. What is OneDrive? Is Microsoft OneDrive necessary for you? This post will show you some detailed information about OneDrive.

Yet, some users wonder what will happen to their files if they upgrade to Win As for this concern, Microsoft replies that all their files will transfer. However, Microsoft also recommends users back up their files using OneDrive before installing Windows I believe many of you already know how to make use of Microsoft OneDrive. If so, you can just skip this section and move to the next part. If you are running Windows 10, you probably already have OneDrive installed when you install the system.

Anyway, when you have OneDrive installed on your computer and you have it opened, you will see a cloud-shaped icon in the lower right in the taskbar. Disabling or removing OneDrive in Windows 10 would be an easy job. This post will tell you how to disable or remove OneDrive with a few steps. With a Microsoft subscription, OneDrive will detect ransomware attacks and help restore your files up to 30 days after the attack.

Upgrade to Microsoft and get 1 TB of OneDrive storage, the latest Office apps, and unlimited access to features such as Personal Vault and ransomware detection and recovery. Get started. Backing up the computer to OneDrive is an excellent idea keeping in mind that OneDrive works with multiple devices. Aside from this, users who want to back up their data can opt for OneDrive app Android. The cloud-based storage space is accessible from most smartphones.

You probably want to know how to undertake a PC backup to OneDrive. There are two main ways to do so. To sync data and files from a compute to OneDrive, you can follow one of the below methods. You probably have the OneDrive desktop app on your computer, and it has not been having issues. It has been working as it should be. If this is the case, you can use the same app to backup your PC data manually to the OneDrive cloud.

Step 2: The next step is to browse, then choose the location to add files to OneDrive. Step 4: Before clicking open, select the Windows 10 data and files to be updated to OneDrive. Once you complete this final step, then it will be quite easy to back up the computer to one drive windows OneDrive gives you the flexibility to upload local files, but you can always get a backup solution that is more convenient. The benefit of this software is that it is multifunctional, allowing you to undertake various tasks.

With the below steps, you can set up the desktop app with ease. After you successfully download and install it, open the software to start using it. On the third step, click “Add Folder” and then select the folders to sync. After this, click on “Select a cloud drive.